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Pat & Tom M. (Georgia)
Dawn W, We wanted to thank you again for all the help in planning our 50th anniversary celebration at Disney World with our family.  You truly went above and beyond.  Your suggestions of where to eat and what rides to get fast passes for was greatly appreciated.  
The French Quarter is the perfect place to stay and we would highly recommend it.  The fact that there is only one bus stop is fantastic. The computer screen with up to date information on when each bus would arrive was very accurate.  The French Quarter even had special balloons and gift inside our room for our anniversary.  We enjoyed the room being close to the pool, dining hall, and boat transportation to Disney Springs.
We went to the front desk to add an extra night and it was taking a bit too long, I called you and you had it taken care of in a matter of minutes.  Thanks again.
It truly was a magical vacation.  
Thanks again, Dawn.
Monica M. (Ohio)
We just got back from a magical 6-night visit to Walt Disney World that wouldn’t have been possible without the planning and expertise of our amazing Magical Vacations travel agent. Melissa F. was absolutely fantastic to work with! On top of being extremely responsive during the pre-trip planning phase, she was able to get us everything on our fastpass and ADR wishlist and went above and beyond numerous times to help add extra pixie dust to our trip. One example of this was that the day before our character breakfast, we wanted to add one person to our rsvp. Melissa quickly took care of this for us and our plus one said that the breakfast and that morning was one of the most memorable parts of the trip for her! I am a planner at heart and really enjoy the pre trip planning phase! Melissa let me take the reigns for our trip while making suggestions to enhance our experience and at times gently reminding me to set realistic expectations-this was so valuable for me because I have a tendency to overbook and run my family ragged! We had the perfect balance of experiencing everything we set out to do as well as time to kick back, relax, and recharge the good ‘ol batteries! Thank you so much, to both Melissa and Magical Vacations!
Alex K. (Arkansas)
Nikki made our vacation magical! She build an amazing itinerary in a short amount of time, and made everything special for our family. We couldn't have done Disney without her! She was also very kind, friendly, and had outstanding customer service. Nikki was very quick to respond to questions, and has great experience.
Courtney F. (Maryland)
Jen J. was awesome! Planned a perfect surprise vacation for my 10-year-old cousins birthday! Extremely helpful when it came to fastpass options (best rides, timing) and keeping our vacation budget friendly! Highly recommend going through a Disney travel agent, easy and worry-free. 

Denise W.  (Alberta, Canada)

Cristie was amazing in helping me plan our first Family Vacation to Disneyland. She was patient and always answered my questions with knowledge. She made it a priority to make sure all the details of our trip were taken care. She even took the time to research for us how to meet Sulley (Monsters Inc). It was my daughter's dream to meet and hug him and Cristie made sure we were equipped with as many details as possible to make it happen! She was the first person I texted when we made it happen! She had great tips and even answered questions about other things to do in Anaheim/LA.


Our Magical Agent was fantastic. From day 1 Melissa F. was there and guiding me all the way. We covered everything on our wish list and much more. We were a family of ten and we all had a fabulous experience. Disney truly is a Magical Place!  TX Melissa was so helpful with all my questions. And in the end she had all our FP and shows and eating arrangements lined out that I didn't have to worry about a single thing the entire trip. 

It was Magical. After many months of planning, we couldn't have had a better trip. Everything ran so smoothly from our hotel (loved it) to our days at the parks. All our FP were lined up so if we got separated we would be able to meet up without long waits. Melissa F covered all the bases and we were able to see and do everything there was to do at all four parks. A very memorable vacation!

Emily S. (Missouri)

Our family has been on many Disney vacations over the years.  We’ve planned some all on our own and have used a variety of travel agencies in the past, but our vacation through Magical Vacations with Debbie L was by far the easiest, well-planned trip we’ve taken!  Debbie was so patient in helping us with every aspect of our trip, from explaining how the Magic Bands work to giving us great options for how to plan our day.  It was so nice to have her book our
fastpasses and help us get checked in. She went above and beyond to help us navigate through any difficulties our family faced, from having to switch some dates around to figuring out what to do when one of the members in our party had to cancel last minute. She even checked in with us DURING our vacation and answered any questions I had along the way. I highly recommend the services provided through this company, and in particular, Debbie.  She is passionate and dedicated to helping her clients have the best Disney experience possible.  I will never plan another Disney vacation without her!

Natalie K. (California)

Nikki was very helpful and answered my emails in a prompt and timely manner. I truly appreciated her phoning Disney on my behalf for various needs as well as booking my fast pass plus reservations. It was so wonderful to not have to worry about getting up early to book them myself! My vacation planning was much less stressful, thanks to Nikki D.

Susan B. (Illinois)

Susan did a great job planning our vacation. She recommended a wonderful hotel that was perfect for our 5 year old! She was able to get every fastpass we requested and they were all booked in the morning, leaving us the remainder of the day to get more fastpasses. We can't wait to use her (Susan K) again for our next trip! Thanks again!

Gayle H. (Missouri)

Nikki took such great care in meeting our wants and needs for our trip! After receiving a recommendation, I contacted Nikki D. and she got right to work making the details and arrangements flawless! It was so nice having everything in place. It took the pressure off and we just showed up and enjoyed our trip! After returning, Nikki was interested in hearing how our trip was and I was thrilled to meet with her and share our adventure. I would highly recommend Nikki as a passionate, detail-oriented gal who wants to make your wishes come true!

Justin B. (Alaska)

We certainly did not make it easy on our Magical Planner Nikki Dugger. We had a group of 9 people needing 3 rooms, using 3 credit cards, 2 separate hotels, infants, strollers, scooters, etc. and our trip was about as smooth as it could get. She was able to get every dining reservation and every fast pass we asked for and then some! Nikki’s knowledge of Disney was a tremendous help! Can’t wait to start planning our next one! Thanks again!

John E. (Wisconsin)

Thank you so much Melissa F for helping us set up our DISNEY TRIP! You definitely made this a wonderful and organized experience. From helping us pick a resort, to recommending activities for our boys to do, to setting our Fast Passes, you made this experience a breeze. Thanks again and we will be talking to you in the future!!  (Melissa F.)

Catherine W. (Missouri)

My girls had a wonderful first experience at Disney all because of Nikki D. and her team at Magical Vacations. Her recommendations for our fast passes/restaurants were spot on to what the age of our children enjoys. This was one of the most seamless vacations that we have been on all due in part to Nikki D. and her wonderful planning.

Sukie X.

My experience with Magical Vacation was superb. Dawn really went above and beyond with her services, especially considering the fact that we are in different time zones. She was very professional and put in the effort to find answers for all of my questions. Planning a Disney trip with children can take lots of work, especially since most of us are busy with our everyday lives. The surprise Minnie Box that she sent made our trip a little more magical, especially for the kids. Her excellent service was more friendly and personal than business. I look forward to planning my future Disney vacations with her. Dawn W.

Aly M (Kansas)

I cannot even begin to say how invaluable Melissa was to our family in planning our first Disney vacation. I told her what we wanted to do, our budget and she helped me put together an experience that fit both perfectly! Melissa answered all questions in an extremely timely manner and if she was going to take longer to answer emails (which happened maybe twice in the 11 months of planning), she communicated that as well. She helped us tailor our vacation - even suggesting what parks to do on what days and helped us plan ahead for “middle of the week meltdown” (yep. That is a thing). She was as excited about our vacation as we were. She even helped us navigate fast passes and changed a dinner reservation while we were there. I ended up texting her almost as many pics as I did our families. All I felt like she was a part of our vacation. I would highly recommend Melissa to anyone planning a Disney vacation. She is kind, competent, timely and knows her Disney! We will definitely be going back and utilizing her help for the next trip!

Catherine A. (Maine)

It was a real relief to have all the pressure taken off when planning this vacation. Our fastpasses and reservations were taken care of, and Hillary made sure to tailor our experiences to our preferences and encouraged us to make new memories that we haven't experienced before.  (Hillary)

Lisa D. (Wisconsin)

Loved our trip. Loved that I didn’t have to stress about booking things right especially since I’ve never been there. Our agent was wonderful and gave us lots of tips and tricks that we definitely used. (Cristie M)

Elizabeth M. (Missouri)

My husband and I had no idea where to begin when planning to take our family to Disney World. Nikki D was recommended to us by a friend. She was helpful and kind, and answered all of our crazy questions without hesitation! She planned a most amazing experience for our family! She considered the ages of our kids and planned activities and rides that matched exactly what we were hoping to do. Our girls have already asked to go back, and we will use Nikki D again!

Crystal C.   (Georgia)

Nikki D takes all the guesswork out of our magical vacation! She immediately texts me back anytime I would text or email her. she’s so sweet and friendly! We have used her twice and will definitely use her again!! She’s (Nikki D) the best!

Jeni V. (Illinois)

Our experience was unforgettable! Sue K was a delight to work with and made our families first Disney vacation truly magical! We couldn’t imagine doing it without her guidance. She was very knowledgeable and patient throughout the entire process. Sue K is a priceless asset to your team.

Amanda Y. (New Hampshire)

We decided a rather last minute to go to Disney. We had about 6 weeks to plan. Hillary was extremely helpful. The whole process was painless. Hillary and I messaged back and forth a bit, and she booked everything for us. She never did anything without me fully understanding what was going on or without my permission. She checked us in online a few weeks before our trip. I couldn't believe how easy it was once we got to the hotel. All we had to do was enter our room. I highly recommend Hillary for everything Disney.

Rebecca D. (Illinois)

Sue was very easy to work with and helped make our trip wonderful. She helped make sure we were prepared with everything we would need including booking a stroller to be delivered where we were staying. Our fast passes were ready and just what we wanted. She also booked our character breakfast. Sue was wonderful and we’ll be sure to use her for our next trip!

Jennifer F (North Carolina)

Susan made our first family trip to Walt Disney World as easy as possible! It was great to have her help us choose attractions and restaurants and then to sit back and have her book all the reservations and Fast Passes. And she got us reservations for all the hardest-to-get restaurants! Thanks, Susan!

Annie C. (New Hampshire)

Hi Cristie, I just want to say, “Thank you!!!!” again, for all that you did for My family and I! We will never forget our trip to Disney and I know that I could never have pulled it all together the way you did for us! You know how stressed I was when I first contacted you! You are beyond wonderful, you were to work with, our trip was perfect and you were very responsive to any questions I had. Not sure if I mentioned that to you! There was never a time that I felt like a question or answer I had would go without you being there to tell me or answer it. It was beyond and your ambition made it the extra mile. You don’t just do it cause it’s your job you go above and beyond out of a wonderful heart of yours!! I felt like you were a friend I’ve known for years. I could go on and on. Thank you so much! [Cristie M.]

Lori S. (Illinois)

This was the first time I ever used a travel agent. I was always nervous to use a travel agent because I thought it would be more expensive than I could find it for or the agent would be too pushy. Then I worked with Sue K. Sue was incredible in planning for our family of 18 trip to Disney. She guided us every step of the way, from booking meals, fast passes, hotel rooms, to park passes. She gave us recommendations for restaurants, new rides and attractions. She answered all calls and texts in a timely fashion and NEVER made us feel bad for asking the same question over again. Sue K. Made our trip the best experience ever!! I will definitely use her expertise on our next Disney trip!

Erin H. (Illinois)

Sue was great! She made the trip run very smoothly. Planning a trip can be extremely stressful, especially one with this much detail but Sue made it stress-free for us!

Jessica F. (Virginia)

Disney multiple times my whole life, but never had done what I view as an "ideal Disney experience". Staying on park property, using Disney transportation, planning out my day, etc. I've always just gone on a whim and set my own pace, for better or worse. Working with Jen J. made things I would have had no idea how to handle SO EASY from the start. She worked with me in key places where i was floundering, such as getting a room last minute for what I was naive in knowing was a busy crazy runner weekend. I had enough to worry about with hoping not to die doing the First Order Challenge, that I was so grateful to have Jen there to keep me from panicking. We got a wonderful room on the Nemo side of the Art of Animation. Everything with transportation from the airport to resort to parks and back was all a breeze with Jen's expert knowledge. Managing my Dining Reservations, especially when I couldn't properly tell time, was super appreciated as well. Doing it all over again, I would absolutely want to go back to Jen and Magical Vacations. Not only for the ease but also because she was patient with my scatterbrain.

Lauren R. (Illinois)

Sue K. was a HUGE help in planning a Disney vacation for me AND my extended family of 17. From start to finish, Sue was there to answer any questions and give her honest recommendations that in the end, helped to make this a truly magical vacation. Thank you so much, Sue! We'd recommend you time and time again!

Sarah R. (Georgia)

We had such a great Girls Trip to Disney World last September. We stayed at The Grand Floridian for 8 nights and loved every moment of it. Mikalynn did an amazing job helping us plan our trip down to every detail— fast passes, park days, reservations, vacation tips, & extras (like the Magic Kingdom scavenger hunt tour). We are so grateful to have a travel agent that cares about our trip so much. It shows!! Looking forward to our next trip in November! Wouldn’t have anyone else plan it for us! (Mikalynn)

Lori B. (Maine)

Hillary was incredibly knowledgeable and helped us choose what was just right for our family. We were on a budget and she worked with us to make it what we wanted and needed. The recommendations she made helped make our visit to Disney less stressful and easy. Hillary helped to make our dream of taking our two boys to Disney a reality. I honestly don't think we could have put so much in place had we tried to put this vacation together on our own. She definitely made life easier for us. She was very understanding of our needs and budget. We would recommend Hillary to anyone looking to plan a Disney vacation. We would definitely use her again.

Tracy A. (Illinois)

Sue was great!!! She planned the best vacation for our 19 person family vacation. We loved the little book with our plans. It kept us on target. I would defiantly do it again. She (Susan K.) is great and organized. We love her!!!!!!!

Cristine K.  (??)

Our trip far exceeded our expectations. We had not been to Disney in over thirty years and were completely overwhelmed when we started to plan the trip. Our agent (Hillary F.)was amazing! She really listened to what we wanted out of our trip and was very conscious of our budget. She got all the reservations and fast passes. She even help us make a last minute change. She shared so many tips to make our trip great. We went during April vacation so at times it was crowded. However, with her help we seriously did not wait in any lines! I can’t say enough great things. My family kept thanking me for all of my planning because we had such an amazing time and hardly had to wait for things. I have to give most of the credit to Hillary. Now I just have to convince my husband to go back soon.

Andrea B. (Illinois)

Sue is a magical person who plans magical Disney vacations! She accommodated every request for a large group of women that are sometimes hard to please! Thanks for everything! Make your life easier and choose her for your next trip. (Susan K.)

Linnea C (Maine)

My vacation was perfect!! Hillary took care of everything and was right there to answer all my questions. Not one stone was unturned and not one request not fulfilled. I had a magical time and will never book a Disney trip again without her (Hillary)!!

Stacey A. (Illinois)

We had a wonderful vacation for our whole family. Susan was able to get us some great discounts. We had almost 20 people on our trip and that was not an easy task, but couldn't have asked for a better time!

Melea W. (Georgia)

My son, my brother and I had the BEST Disney experience ever! We had gone to Disney a couple of years ago. We stayed off the property, and I tried to plan everything myself. The trip ended up being a disaster. So this was our redemption trip. I really hoped and prayed that this vacation would go much better. 

And this trip was definitely everything I hoped it would be! We had the most magical time! Everything was so easy and went smoothly....from checking in, transportation, fast passes, meal plans, etc. Miranda was so very helpful and was patient with all of my million questions. I couldn’t have been happier with all of her help and assistance. She (Miranda) definitely helped make this the most magical trip ever! We can’t wait to go back!


Donna D. (Illinois)


We had a wonderful time in Disney this past November. Sue K. was the agent who assisted us in our planning, and she was fabulous. I gave her some specific information about our family and our likes/dislikes/interests, and she took it from there! I don't have the time to plan a trip like this, so Sue did it for us! And all of the dining, itineraries, fast passes, etc. were spot on! We truly had a hassle free, relaxing and fun trip because Sue took the time plan it out for us. She was amazing and we had the best trip we have ever had to Disney!! You can have complete confidence in Sue's knowledge and instincts on what is right for your family!! Thank you Sue!!

Maryann I (Illinois)

We were in Disney over the Christmas holiday one of the busiest times of the year. Without the help of our agent, Susan K. we would not have been able to say we got to see and ride all of the attractions we wanted to. Because Sue scheduled our meals and fast passes all went smooth and wait times were not an issue for us. I would recommend her planning services to anyone planning a trip.

Paige S. (Illinois)

It was and absolute joy to use Sue K and this company!! I would recommend it to all my friends and family. I will never do Disney again without their help.

Jessica O. (Missouri)

This was our first trip to Disney and Christy came highly recommended by a friend that had just utilized her services. She answered all of my questions (and I had many) and planned a fantastic, stress-free trip. Christy guided our choices making it very easy for us to select from options rather than being overwhelmed by the many options. She had an answer for everything and her responses were prompt and pleasant! She guided us on fast pass selections, parks, and dining options. Several occasions on our trip, my husband and in-laws raved about how well our trip was planned out. Our vacation would not have been the memorable and pleasurable experience it was without her! I have already recommended Christy A to several of our friends/family.

Kelly D.  (Illinois)

I appreciate Sue’s help in planning our trip to Disney. My husband and I were surprising our kids and I think Sue was excited as we were when the kids found out. She gave me a lot of great insight into the must sees at each of the parks and the restaurants too. She took care of the fast passes and all our reservations. I knew I could call and ask her anything. It was such a relief knowing that she was there to help with whatever we needed.  It was an amazing trip and I know that her hand in this made it so special! I would highly recommend Sue!

Katyanne  (New Hampshire) 

We had the pleasure of working with Hillary for our first Disney vacation in March of 2018. As a "first timer" I was very anxious and overwhelmed about planning our vacation. From the moment I first contacted her I knew we were in good hands. Hillary was quick to respond to every correspondence, was very patient with every question and request, and a wealth of Disney knowledge. With Hillary's assistance, we were able to do everything we wanted to do and some things we didn't even know were possible, all within our budget. Hillary was on top of every deadline, promotion, and trip planning milestone I never had to worry. Hillary presented all of our options and helped us make informed decisions. The Minnie Box we received was an unexpected treat to get us prepared and excited for our adventure. I carried with me my personal itinerary everywhere we went, which took out so much of the stress. I even knew exactly when to be on the busses for our daily plans! I would recommend Hillary to everyone I know thinking of planning a Disney vacation, she will become your own personal Disney Fairy Godmother!!

Andrea B.  (Illinois)

Thanks to Sue, the bachelorette party for my new sister-in-law went flawlessly! Sue organized all of our fast passes, got a large group into Cinderella's Royal Table dining, and made last minute accommodations for vacationers without fail. I am lucky enough to know Sue as a good friend from work and have used her twice thus far for Disney vacations. She is timely, proactive, and a wonderful person! Thanks, Sue! We had a magical time.

Linda H. (New Hampshire)

Due to the fantastic planning and reorganizing by our agent (Hillary) after our original plans were cancelled in lieu of hurricane Irma we had an enjoyable and memorable vacation. I feel that our agent went above and beyond to arrange our Magical experience. Thank you Hillary!

Grace A. (Michigan)

Cristie helped makes our first family Disney trip a breeze. I was completely lost at first, with no clue where to begin with planning. She was available round the clock to answe my million and one questions. Even after ticket processing, she was there every step of the way. I lost my animal kingdom tickets and she went above and beyond to assure we would be ok when we arrived to the park! I would highly recommend her (Crisite M.)  to anyone visiting the parks!!!  

Athel M. (Georgia)

Dawn Wolff, planned our family's Christmas of 2017 at Disney. This included my children and spouses, grandchildren and my Dad who was celebrating his 93 year old Birthday. It was absolutely MAGICAL and the best thing we have ever done as a family. Down Wolff went far beyond our expectations in planning everything to be perfect for all 11 of us from the accomodations, to the tickets, park hoppers, fast passes, dinning, and even ordered motorized carts for three of us. It seemed as if all of the Disney characters and employees knew that it was Dad's 93 Birthday, and they made him feel so very special. It brought such a smile to his face so many times and to ours. He still talks about it to this day and how the Disney staff treated him, a perfect stranger, so very special. Having a Magical Agent is the only way to go and for us this was our second time using Dawn and we will always use her plus highly recommend her. All of the times that we have been to Disney we went on our own and never realized the things we were missing by not using a Magical Agent. Even though we had to change some of our times because of scheduling on our part, Dawn was always gracious and got it done for us where we did everything we wanted to do plus much, much more. Thanks for the best vacation ever. So glad we have Dawn our Magical Agent because she sure did magic for us.

Mandy F. (Georgia)

Dawn planned our Christmas at Disney vacation for us and it could not have been anymore perfect! She took care of every reservation and every little details we would not have thought of. We also celebrated my Grandfather turning 93. He can NOT stop talking about how perfect everything was. It’s was our least stressful Disney trip we have ever planned because of her. We will definitely use Dawn for every Disney vacation. Thanks!!!

Meredith L. (Massachusetts)

I will always recommend Hillary to anyone who mentions they are planning or thinking about a Disney Vacation. Things have changed so much in recent years and if you really want to make the best of your time in Disney you definitely need to plan and have guidance doing so. Hillary was always available to answer any questions we had (which was a lot) and gave us reassurance that all our T’s were crossed. We could not have been so productive and prepared without her help!

Sarah H. (Illinois)

This was our first trip to Disney and Susan was a joy to work with. She answered all of my questions and planned a memorable trip. She helped us narrow down choices for resorts, fast passes, parks, and dining options. Because of her hard work, our trip was stress-free. I will definitely use her expertise to plan our next trip! Our trip would not have been successful without her (Susan K.)!

Kelly L. (Illinois)

(Susan K.) It was my first visit to disney as well as my girls first! It was very cool to experience that with them. It was truly magical and we loved every part of it! The planning that goes into a Disney vacation to be sure you get to all the restaurants you want, all the rides you want and the right hotel is nothing like I’ve ever seen! We could have Beebe planned this on our own and thanks to Susan K my magical agent for planning it all so perfectly for us!

Sarah W. (Kansas)

Christy A. I can't thank you enough for all your help in planning our recent Disneyland vacation! It was hands down one of our favorite trips and you helped make that possible. You were always quick and prompt in answering all of my questions! Whether I needed help finding transportation, stroller rental, dinning or BBB for our 3 year old twin girls you were always there with the info and made planning this vacation a breeze for me. I cannot thank you enough and we are already trying to decide what our next Disney vacation will be and you will be who I contact! Thank you again! (Christy A.) 

Lindsay D. (New York)

The entire process was amazing and stress free. Susan has exceeded every expectation my family had for the trip. I have raved to all my friends and they will be booking through Susan as well.

Susan D. (New York)

Susan Kealy did such a wonderful job helping us plan our Disney vacations. This is the second time we have used Susan and she has been exceptional! Her knowledge of places to dine was great. Everywhere she recommended was exceptional. The fast passes she set up for up also worked out perfectly! Can’t thank her enough for everything and would definitely recommend her (Susan K)!!!

Jenny S. (Missouri)

My sister convinced my to take a last minute trip to Disney after she found a great deal on airfare - I thought we were crazy but luckily a friend put me in touch with Christy A. with Magical Vacations and she assured me we WEREN'T crazy! In fact she made planning a 3 day trip to Disney with only a month to plan so easy my husband said he'd be up for doing it every other year! Our girls are 5 & 8 and I have put off going to Disney because I was so overwhelmed by all the planning and preparation that I heard went into it. Honestly I felt like I needed a separate degree just to figure Disney out - ENTER Christy A! She put our minds at ease and after a few phone conversations and emails she began planning our dream Disney trip and was a fast pass whiz!! She was extremely responsive and even helped me while we were on our trip! She went above and beyond and planned an amazing trip for us in less than a month! We got to do EVERYTHING we wanted to do and things that we didn't even know we wanted to do haha! I can't speak highly enough about Magical Vacations and specifically Christy! I will definitely be using her again - telling all my friends about her and won't hesitate to take another crazy last minute trip to Disney ever again! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

Jennifer W. (Illinois)

It has taken me awhile to put into words all that I feel about our Disney vacation. Susan K literally made all of our vacation dreams come true. We don't vacation often, so the stress of planning a "perfect" vacation myself was weighing on me heavily. We had had a rough year, and this vacation took on a whole new meaning for me. My husband and I had never been to any Disney Park, so it was overwhelming to try to plan a vacation we wanted our kids to remember, when we didn't know where to start. My feelings of worry and anxiety vanished when Sue signed on to help us out. I wanted a once in a lifetime experience, and we definitely got it! Sue thought of, and planned, every detail - big and small. She knew tricks to make our trip unforgettable! After only a short conversation and answering basic questions, it was like Sue could read our minds about what we wanted. She was able to deliver on planning every single activity and meal we had wished for. Our two musts-Cinderellas Royal Table and Jedi Training- were achieved all because of Susan's quick planning and little known insider tips. Unforgettable moments (including FP to the hottest rides in town in Pandora, among others) allowed us to enjoy every moment with our kids (8 and 6). From restaurant reservations, to strategically timed FastPasses, Susan somehow knew exactly what to plan to make our trip the greatest time of our lives. We are already saving for 2019 when Stars Wars land opens, and without any hesitation, Sue will ABSOLUTELY be planning every unforgettable moment! I cannot recommend Susan K. enough!

Erica S. (California)

Hillary made our vacation magical from the very start. She was so knowledgeable about all things Disney. She created the perfect vacation for my family and I. The planning process was so easy with her by our side. Once we arrived at the airport we were immediately grateful for all her hard work we had a flawless magical vacation with every detail accounted for. She helped us with everything from hotel reservations, fast passes, park planning, dining reservations, and transportation. We went to Disneyworld in July peak season and never really waited in one line due to her planning and suggestions. We were able to thoroughly enjoy the experience without worrying about the details. I recommend Hillary to anyone even thinking about a Disney vacation.

Steve M. (California)

Great Agent, Hillary F. who kept us on track, and a Quality Cruise!

Kerry M. (Louisiana)

Susan made our Disney vacation completely stress-free! No one has the time to go through all the information that comes with planning a Disney vacation. I will never try this alone again! Plus all the extra touches she threw in made it all feel even more special. Thank you Susan!

Kelsey V. (Ohio)

Dawn has been completely amazing. We unfortunately had to cancel due to this hurricane and she was so uplifting and helpful during the stressful time. I will definitely be planning our dream Disney vacation in the future!

Meghan V. (Illinois)

Sue was an amazing agent. She had great advice and offered suggestions when I needed it. She had all of my requests met and was very organized. I would definitely use Sue again and highly recommend her.

Ryan M. (Missouri)

We have had the opportunity to work with Nikki R. on two separate trips to Disney. She is great! She takes the stress out of the first time trip and makes it so easy you cannot imagine taking a trip to Disney without her expertise. She is very friendly, efficient and wants to make sure your trip is everything you hoped it would be. I have recommended Nikki to friends and most recently my family, which included a total of Seven different families and a total of 25 individuals journeyed for a week to Disney. Nikki was able to work with each family to make sure each families desires were beyond met, but also somehow made it possible for the entire group to share a meal together at the same time and park. Not only a meal, but a character meal. Nikki knows how Disney works and she makes it her goal to work with you so you are not having to work or worry when you are on vacation. Trust her and listen to her words of wisdom. She is 100% a Professional! Thank You Nikki R. for assisting my family in two very Magical Vacations!

Tabitha O. (Massachusetts)

As a single mom of two kids, I had very little time to plan our Disney vacation. Melissa F. did a fantastic job of gathering the interests, likes and dislikes of my family and managed to pull together a spectacular itinerary for us, complete with my dream of eating in Cinderella's Castle at Magic Kingdom. I am so grateful for all of the recommendations and reservations that Melissa made and her patience as I asked 1001 questions. Melissa always had plenty of information and answered immediately; not one request or question went unanswered or unfulfilled. As a result, me and my kids had a stress free vacation filled with magic, memories and laughter. I will never forget watching my son battle Darth Vader at Hollywood Studios, or my daughter becoming a WDW Princess at Magic Kingdom. I am beyond grateful for the work Melissa F put into our special vacation.

Bobby T. (Illinois)

We had an amazing trip! Sue K. did an awesome job helping my wife and I plan our family vacation to Walt Disney World in Orlando. She was incredibly knowledgeable about what rides and things would be appropriate, and most fun for my kids (ages 2 and 4). Sue K. was also incredibly patient and understanding when we changed plans. She helped me over text during our trip to help rearrange things. Gave us advice on dinners. Thanks Sue You WILL definitely be planning our next trip to Disney! Which is hopefully soon.

Alex F. (Missouri)

This was the third year in a row my wife and I have gone to Disney World. We have started to go every year now. This was the first time that we have used Nikki R and she did an amazing job so we will continue to use her from here on out! We have used other agents from other companies before and they were not as friendly and as helpful as Nikki! When we go to Disney we like to plan it all out and Nikki did a great job of helping us decide on a few things we were not sure of as well as letting us decide our schedule, which is what we were looking for in an agent. She will also plan it out if you need her to. She is there for you whether you are completely lost and need help with everything or if you are like us and know what you will be doing and don't need a lot of help. Plus, the Minnie Box was really great to get and made us that more excited for our trip! Thank you so much Nikki R! We will be using you again and if there was a star rating, I would give you 12 out of 10 stars!

Cristen E.  (Louisiana)

Melissa F planned the most amazing vacation for my family! We had a blast spending 5 days at Disney. She was so knowledgeable and gave us so many tips to help make our vacation absolutely perfect! She asked us our preferences on fast passes, and gave us options for hotels and dining plans, and she booked everything for us! She answered all of my many questions, and knew the ins and outs of all things Disney! All we had to do was show up and have fun! :) She sent us a "Minnie box" before we left for our vacation, which had an itinerary she had made for us with tons of helpful tips, dining recommendations, etc! We will definitely go through her again for our next Disney vacation! Thank you so much Melissa F!!!

Ashley C. (Illinois)

We had an amazing trip! Susan (Sue) K. did an awesome job helping me plan our family vacation to Walt Disney World in Orlando. She was incredibly knowledgeable about what rides would be appropriate and most fun for my kids (ages 2 and 4). Susan (Sue) K. was also incredibly patient and understanding when we changed plans. She helped me over the phone during our trip to help rearrange things. Thanks Susan (Sue) K.! You will definitely be planning our next trip!

Maura C. (Illinois)

Sue Kealy could not have been more helpful planning my family's recent trip to Walt Disney World! We were so happy with our accommodations at the Wilderness Lodge! Sue did an incredible job offering suggestions for fun dining experiences and organizing all of our fast passes each day! We could not have planned this trip without all of her help! We loved every minute of our vacation and I would definitely ask Sue to help us plan any future Disney trips!

Coutney G. (Missouri)

We just got back from our first Disney trip. We have 3 small children but the trip was seamless thanks to Christy A. She did all the thinking, planning and organizing of everything. It reduced the stress of vacation knowing everything was ready and perfectly planned and organized. She listened to all of wants and desires and she planned out our days perfectly! We had a blast and very little stress. We will definitely use Christy A for our next Disney vacation!!!!

Pamela P. (Illinois)

Sue was extremely helpful in planning our vacation. I was definitely hesitant about going through this process but was glad i did it in the end. She was available through phone, text, email just about anytime we needed her. Sue had everything booked perfectly for us. I would definitely recommend her if you are looking for help planning your trip to Disney.

Joyce K. (Illinios)

Planning a Disney World vacation can be very overwhelming, but working with Jodie G from Magical Vacations was one of the best decisions we have made.  From the very beginning, Jodie was very organized, helpful and most knowledgeable regarding Disney information.  Jodie walked us through the process beginning with choosing the Disney Resort, planning the activities and presenting us with many tips and insights that allowed our vacation to be a most memorable time.  Jodie G takes a personal interest in ensuring that the vacation is first class from beginning to the end.  

Amy F. (Georgia)

Dawn W. helped my son and I make memories that will last a lifetime! This is the fourth time we have used Dawn to help us plan our magical Disney vacation. Dawn provides personal service as she asks questions about our interests, finds the latest and greatest deals, and provides information on new events and attractions for us to enjoy throughout our stay. Having been to Disney World many times herself, Dawn knows the ins and outs of Disney planning, and is extremely knowledgable about appropriate activities for each age group. My son is 11 years old this year, and he continues to LOVE going to Disney World. This year, he particularly loved the Indiana Jones show at Hollywood Studios, and the Star Wars show that night. Thank you, once again, Dawn W, for our wonderful mother-son vacation plan!!!

Pamela S. (Georgia)

Amazing trip!!! Miranda N was the best ever!!! She answered every little question I had and even the questions she didnt know the answer to, she found me an answer quickly!!! I will be using her again! Miranda N

Angelia C. (Missouri)

When we first started to look into a trip to Disney we were feeling overwhelmed. We are given the name Valerie W (Magical Agent) from a friend. She worked out all of the details and made the entire process a joy. WOW! what a relief! Every detail was addressed in advance and the trip went off without a hitch. Thanks Valerie, YOU are Magical!

Jessica J.  (Illinois)

Sue K. was great in helping me plan an anniversary trip for my husband and I. We both have busy schedules and relied on Sue's help and expertise to help us plan the best Disney World vacation. Sue K went above and beyond to make sure we were happy with our resort accommodations as well as helping us maximize each day with fast pass and dinner reservations. When I book my next trip to Disney I will surely work with Sue again. She had the greatest advice and best recommendations for us in regards to restaurants and what is new and happening in the parks and resorts! Five Stars all day! Thank you Sue!

Bette W. (Illinois)

Susan K was exceptionally helpful in planning our vacation . We hadn't been to Disney in close to 25 years, so her assistance was so helpful & took all the anxiety & stress out of the planning. Our dining recommendations were fabulous. She made the trip a huge success. I highly recommend planning a Disney trip thru Sue!

Katey F.  (Illinois)

Terrific! Amazing! Fantastic! Stupendous! Wonderful! Magician! All these words together still don't capture what an amazing person Jodie G. is! The number one To-Do on your vacation planning list should be contacting Jodie! Your vacation will truly begin the moment you speak with her. She is an absolute joy to work with! By sharing your dreams, desires, & the necessities of your trip, Jodie helps clarify your perfect vacation! Once she knows what you're looking for, she's a bulldog going after reservations, fast passes & plans, just to get you exactly what you want. She has a wealth of knowledge that she gladly shares. She was available to us during the planning stage as well as while we were on our trip. Our pre-vacation meeting was so special!! My daughter was so excited to get the famous Minnie box with all the specialized goodies inside!! The thoughtfulness of the gifts added to the specialness of our trip. The vacation resource/itinerary book was an invaluable resource. I give Jodie my absolute highest recommendation! I would recommend her to anyone planning a Disney vacation; in fact, I think it would be simply ridiculous not to use her! Entrust Jodie with your vacation-you'll forever be glad you did!!

Elizabeth R. (Oregon)

Sara did an amazing job! I can't wait to have her book everything next time. She booked our hotel, tickets, photo passes and character dining and she did an awesome job. My kids loved the Minnie Box and the sign we got on our hotel door made them feel super special. Whenever I ran into problems or had questions she answered them quickly and efficiently. I was having problems with my photo pass and I sent her an email after we left the park at 11:30pm. By 6 am when I got up she had already fixed the problem. I can't thank her enough for everything she did. I will never have to book another Disney trip again thanks to her amazing efforts! I can't wait to use her again! Thank you Sara!!!

Alana & Devon B. (North Carolina)

Carol helped plan the best honeymoon from across the miles. She's a fellow Star Wars and Disney fan and was always in contact with us - from cost saving updates, advice for New Years Eve & Star Wars-y events at the parks and giving us insight to eateries across all the lands. Cast Members knew we were celebrating our honeymoon when our Magic Bands would be scanned. We want to thank Carol for all her hard work and continuous communication over the course of 6 months as we discussed many little perks to enjoy on our Magical and Epic trip. We have already referred her to 2 other friends, and look forward to her assistance in planning our Pandora vacation this summer!

Tricia B. (Illinois)

Amazing! My husband and I cannot say enough about our very first magical vacation to Disney planned by Susan K! Our itinerary was very well organized from the moment we arrived in Orlando until our farewell the final day. During our 5 day trip, we had the opportunity to visit all of the theme parks with virtually no waiting on rides, enjoy special events including the Star Wars Dessert Party and Spectacular, dine at top rated restaurants, fabulous lodging in which we were able to view Magic Kingdom's fireworks from our balcony every night, all while being treated like royalty the entire time. None of this would have been possible without the organization and recommendations from Susan. I had many questions along the way, Sue was always quick and detailed with her response. Susan took the time to learn about our interests and created a truly magical experience we will never forget! We are already planning on returning in 2020 - guaranteed we will be reaching out to Susan for her assistance once again!

Mike & Tanya D (Illinois)

We would like to thank Jodie for making our Disney vacation truly Magical!

Her help with planning, advice and direction made our first Disney vacation a special time we will always remember.  Jodie's inside knowledge and passion for everything Disney guided us through every step of our trip and kept us excited as we approached our travel date. Working with Jodie was fun and her excitement was contagious! The planning process went smoothly as she kept us up to date while leading us through dining reservations, fast-passes and character meets. We felt comfortable turning over our plans to Jodie and she didn’t disappoint!

Having Jodie available behind the scenes even during our trip was like having a personal concierge.  Her availability made it easier for us to enjoy our time at the parks.  Even a last minute request during our stay to make sure we didn’t miss out on Test Track was met with the same energy and excitement we came to expect from Jodie.

We have told friends and family about Jodie and recommend they work with her for any upcoming Disney trips.

Thanks Jodie for the Magical memories!

Sherry D. (Georgia)

Miranda N!  We had a great time. It was our first trip to the Disney parks. We enjoyed the time spent with our son at the parks. Hollywood Studios was our favorite park. Our experience was made much better with the help of our Disney guide Miranda. She helped with the planning and all details. Everything worked out as planned. We just showed up and had fun.

April P (Georgia)

Dawn W!  We had the perfectly planned magic vacation! We could not be happier with how everything was planned! it was so easy to make changes to resort and number of days traveled as well. Dawn W. & Magical Vacations made it so easy to have a stress free, well planned magical time!!

Stephanie C (Illinois)

Susan was so helpful in helping us plan our first magical vacation to Disney. I had never been to Disney before and had to clue where to start the planning process. It was so nice working with someone that was so knowledgeable about the Disney experience. She helped us find a great place to stay on the Disney property. Susan had helpful tips and even helped us plan the fast passes since she knew which rides my girls would like based on their ages. My one daughter LOVES princess and unfortunately, when we booked the trip, the lunch with the princesses was all sold out. Susan checked every day looking for a spot to open up. We were thrilled when she let us know that one opened and she had grabbed it for us! I had questions throughout the process and Susan was very quick to respond. She checked in to make sure we were prepared before our trip and had our Magic Bands and tags for our luggage. Even when we got to Florida, she checked in throughout our trip to make sure that it was everything that we expected and to see if our girls were having a good time. I would highly recommend her to any friend or family member going to Disney! Thank you, Susan!

Carrie F. (Illinois)

We loved our Disney Experience! Our incredibly helpful agent, Sue, did an awesome job taking care of her confused/anxious/indecisive/crazy clients!! From the moment I emailed Sue with random questions, she answered promptly and passionately. Her giant heart practically exploded with every Disney opportunity. She made great reccomendations, helped make practical yet

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