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The Minnie Box

What is a Minnie Box?  

It is our gift to you for choosing Magical Vacations!  

How did the Minnie Box come about?

Since 1997, Magical Vacations has been delivering the Disney Voucher & Coupon booklets to guests with Melissa's Disney Park Itinerary, planned for their family, in a folder wrapped in a big yellow bow.  Many times guests would say outloud... "I feel like I am opening a gift!"

This excitement resonated within Melissa for years.  How could we help our guests feel as if they were really getting a gift?  How could we create something special?

In 2012, Melissa created & Trademarked our "Minnie Box"!  We deliver all our Disney Vacation Package documents inside this special creation so that you have a way to celebrate on your own!  Every Box is unique.  The contents are never the same... and vary depending on the type of vacationer you are and who will be travelling with you!  You may choose to share the box with your guests so that they get to "open" their vacation before you leave... or suprise your children with the vacation!

When does the Minnie Box arrive?  

Depending on when you booked your vacation package... the Minnie Box will arrive within 2 weeks of departing for your vacation and will include the vacation coupon booklet we receive from Disney.  You see... Disney is actually paperless.  meaning, there are no real documents.  You register on-line and receive everything at check in!  (Disneyland Vacation Packages will include your ticket media)  Magical Vacations, however, understands that many of you still like to receive SOMETHING in the mail before your depart!  We make sure this happens!

What do I get if I book a room or tickets that are not a part of a Disney vacation package?

We do understand that everyone wants to feel special.  So in order to make this happen... we have created a smaller "Mickey Box" for just this occasion!  

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