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Nikki R.

My passion for Disney started after I planned a surprise trip for my husband soon after we were married.  He had always wanted to go and I was excited to plan and surprise him with his first trip to Disney World!  Since then, we have returned to Disney World almost every a family with children, with extended family and sometimes returning for a couple’s getaway!  We have experienced many resorts at Disney World and are members of the Disney Vacation Club.  

For several years I have used my Disney experience to “unofficially” advise and help others plan their Disney vacation.  It had always disappointed me to hear from people returning from their Disney trip overwhelmed and wishing they had gone with more direction.  I enjoyed this opportunity to help friends, family and others plan and make the most of their trip.  I love to hear when people I have helped return from their trips grateful for the guidance in maximizing their Disney vacation!  

I joined the Magical Vacations team in 2013 to officially help others make the most of their Disney travels!  As a graduate of the Disney College of Knowledge,  I look forward to discovering what will make your trip magical...whether you are traveling to Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Disney’s Aulani Resort in Hawaii or adventuring on the Disney Cruise Lines or with Adventures by Disney.  

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Lisa E. (Missouri)

Nikki R.was so helpful in planning our trip, she did everything for us - we just showed up and went with the amazing recommendations she gave us! We had so much fun and made wonderful family memories!!!

Victoria R. (Missouri)

Nikki R. had always been reliable, quick to respond, organized, personable, and someone who I would want to vacation with! I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who is planning a Disney Vacation!

Shari W. 

I just want to thank you for all you did to help us make the most of the cheer competition and week at Disney. I loved that you were so responsive and available to answer all of my questions. We had a wonderful time!! When I first found out we were going to Disney I was so overwhelmed!! I have heard all the crazy Disney stories from my friends and I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to pull off a magical time with my family in such a short amount of time. I appreciate you putting my mind at ease and walking me through step by step. You [Nikki R.] went above and beyond by helping me coordinate with another cheer family and join all the tickets together making our time at Disney seamless!! We didn’t have any issues at all! Your Rise of the Resistance tips helped us land a boarding group without any problems and was a high light of the day at Hollywood Studios. I would definitely recommend your services to anyone going to Disney and I am already beginning to plan for next year just in case. We are ready to do it again! Thank you again for all you have done. We are one grateful family! [Nikki R]

Jennifer L. (Arizona)

Usually I love the process of planning out family trips myself, but I knew I was going to need backup for something as big as my daughter's first trip to Walt Disney World. I am SO THRILLED that I found Magical Vacations and had the opportunity to work with Nikki R.! She was so excited to help with our trip, and planned out some amazing things - my daughter absolutely loved her Princess day! On top of that, when my parents decided to come along to a second week with us, she was able to take care of all the extra park tickets and hotel reservations super quickly, even with juggling park reservations to accommodate for a day at Universal Studios. Nikki was even there for me when we needed to modify some reservations while on the trip, and it really provided peace of mind to know that I could contact her if I couldn't fix something on my own. I'd recommend Nikki R. and Magical Vacations to anyone!

Siu, L (Missouri)

Nikki was amazing as always. We are grateful for her accessibility, expertise, and care.

Becky T. (Missouri)

Nikki R. helped make all of the anxiety of planning our trip during a pandemic so easy. It made planning the same trip two times due to the restrictions simple knowing we had someone else working with us to get the most magical trip planned and executed. The trip was fantastic and one of the best vacations thanks to all of her great work! We didn’t have to worry about a thing!

Stevie H. (Missouri)

Nikki R. made everything effortless!! She was so flexible since our vacation was rebooked several times due to Covid-19! I never felt pressured! She was always so quick to respond to all of my questions...and there were a ton with cancellations and protocols related to Covid-19! We will be using Nikki for our next Disney vacation!

Keenyn R. (Missouri)

Nikki made planning and executing this trip SO easy! I am a person easily overwhelmed with details- without Nikki this trip would never have turned out as perfect as it did. Nikki was super responsive and super helpful with suggestions and ideas for planning. She even helped us change up fast passes in the middle of our trip to make our final days at the parks just perfect. I will highly recommend her to anyone interested in planning a trip to Disney!

Daphne T. (Missouri)

Our recent trip to Disneyworld was truly magical in large part due to the help our magical agent, Nikki, provided!! From getting us awesome fast passes, to booking excellent table service meals, and calming me down during my Disney panic attacks 😉, she was a huge blessing. Disney can be so overwhelming but she makes it easy!

Heidi H. (Alaska)

Nikki R helped us make decisions from the very beginning stages of planning. She made all of our reservations for us and was always available to answer questions quickly. I was so glad to have someone to talk with while planning this big vacation!

Spencer S. (Pennsylvania)

My family was going to be in Orlando for my work, and we wanted to tackle Disney World with our 3 young daughters (5, 7 & 8), but felt overwhelmed at the prospect. A friend put us in contact with Nikki R., who walked us through every step of the planning. She explained what to expect and made recommendations based on our family's needs and desires. She was able to secure important reservations that were key moments in our kids' experience. She even answered questions while we navigated the park. We had a fantastic experience and were fully awed by the magic of Disney. We wouldn't want to take on Disney World again without Nikki's help!

Bill & Patty M. (Missouri)

A Family Magical Vacation!!!!! We enjoyed every moment of our trip! Nikki R. did a super job planning.....the second time around for us!!!! Our Saratoga Springs Resort met our family's enjoyment, planned fastpasses and restaurant reservations and tips made our Disney experience top notch! Thank you, Nikki!

Matt S. (Missouri)

Incredible experience and Nikki helped us so much in planning the trip based on our families patterns and desires. I can’t imagine planning a trip like this without her expertise!

Alex F. (Missouri)

We go to Disney World every year and enjoy every minute of it. Each trip we go on, we usually get to do everything we want to do. This could not be done without the help of Nikki R! She always gets our reservations booked, our FastPasses booked, and she is there whenever we have questions. She knows her Disney and always looks out for our best interests!

Jackie W. (Wisconsin)

I will definitely use Magical Vacations for all of my future Disney vacations! They made it very easy to plan and we're willing to answer all of my questions! You provide a great service! (Cristie M.)

Jeff R. (Missouri)

We worked with Nikki R., she worked with us for months to plan the perfect vacation for our family. Our first trip to Disney was awesome, and carefree thanks to her. We are truly grateful for her efforts, and glad we chose to work with a travel agent after seeing all of the details that go into planning a trip the right way. Thank you Nikki & Magical Vacations, we will plan another trip with you!

Ryan M. (Missouri)

We have had the opportunity to work with Nikki R. on two separate trips to Disney. She is great! She takes the stress out of the first time trip and makes it so easy you cannot imagine taking a trip to Disney without her expertise. She is very friendly, efficient and wants to make sure your trip is everything you hoped it would be. I have recommended Nikki to friends and most recently my family, which included a total of Seven different families and a total of 25 individuals journeyed for a week to Disney. Nikki was able to work with each family to make sure each families desires were beyond met, but also somehow made it possible for the entire group to share a meal together at the same time and park. Not only a meal, but a character meal. Nikki knows how Disney works and she makes it her goal to work with you so you are not having to work or worry when you are on vacation. Trust her and listen to her words of wisdom. She is 100% a Professional! Thank You Nikki R. for assisting my family in two very Magical Vacations!

Alex F. (Missouri)

This was the third year in a row my wife and I have gone to Disney World. We have started to go every year now. This was the first time that we have used Nikki R and she did an amazing job so we will continue to use her from here on out! We have used other agents from other companies before and they were not as friendly and as helpful as Nikki! When we go to Disney we like to plan it all out and Nikki did a great job of helping us decide on a few things we were not sure of as well as letting us decide our schedule, which is what we were looking for in an agent. She will also plan it out if you need her to. She is there for you whether you are completely lost and need help with everything or if you are like us and know what you will be doing and don't need a lot of help. Plus, the Minnie Box was really great to get and made us that more excited for our trip! Thank you so much Nikki R! We will be using you again and if there was a star rating, I would give you 12 out of 10 stars!

Gina B (Massachusetts)

What an amazing experience planning my trip with Nikki R! Right from the start we were on the same wavelength, with similar planning styles and similarly aged children. Nikki's advice was truly priceless throughout the process, making my reservations and securing the things I wanted most (Candlelight Processional with Neil Patrick Harris!) Her advice was greatly appreciated on items where I was inexperienced (fast passes, magical express vs. car service, etc.) and items where not that much information is available online (VIP tour services, Club level lounges). She was also readily available via text during my trip, answering questions last minute and reassuring me when needed. We rarely waited in lines thanks to detailed planning, and saw nearly everything we hoped to see. We loved our hotel (The Boardwalk) and all the small details that made our trip special. Thank you Nikki!

Debbie L. (Missouri)

For me...the fact that I want to leave a review for this AMAZING travel agent BEFORE we have even taken our trip should speak volumes for the type of customer service she has provided!! Nikki R has given me the most spectacular dream vacation I could imagine. She has literally done everything on our to do list. I believe using the questionnaire at the beginning really helped nail down so many specifics. She got us into all of the Fastpasses that we wanted and into ALL of the character dining that we wanted, including the coveted dinner at Cinderella's Royal Table. She got us the best resort package we could ask for and even managed to REALLY go out of her way towards thinking of what my kids would like to do and suggested the Pirates and Pals Voyage and The Pirates League, in which we booked both of those. I can not wait for this vacation and we still have a few weeks before it happens! You will see another rave review from me afterwards. This is one top notch travel agent.

Bill & Patty M.

Hi, Nikki R!!!!!Oh my, we had a "magical" vacation!!!!!  You planned everything just perfectly!!!! A few torrential downpours didn't dampen our spirits!  We just regrouped and went forward!  The table service meals and events were unbelievable!  The girls absolutely loved everything about it all!  They were real troopers and wanted to go, go, go!  They loved meeting all the characters and T was speechless with them all!  Ha!  The boutique experience was sooooo much fun for them!  We went from early morning till very late at night!  We could not have planned it so perfectly without your expertise and knowledge! The resort was beautiful!  Seeing the animals was amazing!  Cinderella's Table experience was out of this world!  We all were in awe!  How cool!  We are glad we did it all--and to the max!  I am sure you get how amazing we felt everything was!  We ALL loved it and we will have so many wonderful memories for a lifetime!!... Again, thank you sooooo very much for everything you did to make our vacation soooo "Disney Magical"!!!  We were sorry to have to leave and could have used another day or two!  HA!  I certainly will be glad to reference you to ANY and EVERYONE I know is going or wants to go!”

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